About Lawcadia

Lawcadia is the first business globally to develop a Platform specifically to manage and improve the legal procurement processes for corporate and government clients. Lawcadia’s Platform has been designed based on an in-depth understanding of the legal industry, the frustrations that in-house legal teams face, and best practice in the developing area of legal procurement.

As legal procurement is still a relatively new concept in the Asia-Pacific region, we are working to provide legal and procurement professionals with information, education and the opportunity to network and share as a community.

In October 2016, Lawcadia, in conjunction with beaton and the Buying Legal Council, hosted the first events dedicated to the topic of legal procurement in the Asia-Pacific region, the Legal Procurement Forum 2016. This was a re-sounding success and formed the basis for the continuation of this event in 2017.

In February 2017, Lawcadia entered into a formal collaboration with the Buying Legal Council, the leading international professional trade organisation for those involved in the buying and management of legal services, and we are excited to be hosting the Legal Procurement Forum with the Buying Legal Council again.